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The quest

Liveurope is an initiative supporting concert venues in their efforts to promote up-and-coming European artists since 2014. Some of the biggest names in Europe and the world jump-started their career through Liveurope’s activities, boosting artist movement and culture sharing. Some of them include Christine and the Queens, Rosalía, MØ, Kae Tempest, Dua Lipa, Years and Years, Altın Gün and more…


The Liveurope team aimed to showcase the achievements of Liveurope for the past 7 years and highlight the activities developed to address the challenges of COVID-19 on the circulation of emerging acts; and to celebrate their 7th birthday!

The impact of Liveurope magic potion bottle

The magic formula

How do you turn 7 years of hard data into a fun scroll? Through a scrolly-telling website of course! We showed how the platform grew overtime to support a growing number of  European artists and venues, despite the challenges it faced due to COVID-19. 

Visual identity

Our story begins with a new fun and flamboyant visual identity for the scrolly-telling. We chose bright colours and geometric shapes to match the intensity of Liveurope’s story.

liveurope color palette and visuals


Then we asked “What if there were no next Christine and the Queens, Rosalia or Mo?” 

Our goal was to showcase the artists which Liveurope has supported during the past 7 years and reveal its amazing journey using animations, hover effects and an interactive map of its venues to effectively portray all the great work the programme has achieved.

We also had to show how Liveurope is able to support these artists and venues and we did just that by creating an intuitive animation showing how the system works and its huge impact using charts, numbers and testimonials from the artists themselves.

The big challenge was to show how Covid’19 affected the music sector without bumming the audience out so we used another fun animation. To close our story on a high note, we focused on the achievements of Liveurope during the pandemic using numbers and hover effects and a plan for the comeback of Liveurope after the end of the pandemic.  More on

Social media

Since the website included a large number of messages for a variety of audiences, we also designed various types of visuals, from conceptual to hard data, adapted to different social platforms.

The impact of Liveurope report cover


To make sure that the folks over at Creative Europe in Brussels understood how well their funding was spent, they were sent hard copies of an extended report on the impact of Liveurope.

The impact of Liveurope report pages
The impact of Liveurope report pages

The happy ending

By turning numbers into an exciting story, the campaign has managed to reach a large number of people, highlighting the fact that despite the challenges, Liveurope will continue to support European talent.

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