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The quest

The world had to face an unknown pandemic in 2020 and the European Commission’s health department had to step up and be a global leader, both in terms of giving solutions as well as information.

We were tasked with the honour to create informative content to communicate about COVID 19, how citizens could protect themselves not just from the virus but also from fake news around the topic.

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The magic formula

The biggest challenge was having to tiptoe over a million red lines so that the authority and credibility of the EU’s health department would not be threatened. Citizens were expecting professionalism and integrity, so we delivered that with a sprinkle of whimsy.

Animated videos

We showed how you could help prevent the spread of COVID-19

and how you could help prevent the spread of fake news about it.

We showed the importance of being fully-vaccinated 

in order to protect yourself and everyone around you.

The happy ending

Not so much of an ending as the beginning of a beautiful adventure. The collaboration worked so well that we keep working with them on high-profile topics in the field of healthcare and safe food. More coming soon…

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