Europe day cover



The quest

Every year Liveurope organises a music festival on the 9th of May to celebrate Europe Day. But COVID had other plans for 2021. 



Nevertheless, even a global pandemic couldn’t mess up their mission to celebrate the huge diversity of music in Europe. So they decided to host Europe Day virtually this year! And we never turn down a good party.

The impact of Liveurope magic potion bottle

The magic formula

Our plan was to create cool visual content that would be proudly shared by artists, music venues, media channels, radio stations and music lovers all over Europe. Localisation of the visuals was key in order to attract as many people as possible to a centralised hub where we could interact with Liveurope’s content in many ways, and of course celebrate Europe Day all together.

Visual identity

In order to communicate the exciting spirit and the artistic vibe of the event, we designed an exciting and uniquely scalable Visual Identity. “Trippy” is the word you are looking for.

Europe day web logo


We applied this visual identity to a magnificent website that would host 16 exclusive sets with some of the most promising artists, performed in iconic venues all over the EU. The website also included a map of all the special broadcasts prepared by radio stations for Europe Day, testimonials from celebrities and opinion leaders, and a live discussion on the future of the European music scene post-pandemic. 


The funky cursor bubble in the desktop version was the cherry on top of the cake!

Europe day website

A big part of the promotion happened offline, through EBU’s radio stations. That is why we selected a short and sweet domain name EuropeDay.Live and used Google Analytics to track user sources and locations.

Europe day interactive map

Social media

Our design team also created cool visuals for the promotion campaign, teaser videos, static posts and stories adapted to multiple social media channels. 

Europe Day SM posts

The happy ending

Millions of music lovers all over Europe heard about the virtual event, thousands watched the videos, hundreds of organisations and news portals promoted our cause. Proof that even a global pandemic cannot stop us from sharing our culture with the world and it sure won’t bring the arts to their knees.


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