50by40 annual review



The quest

50by40 is a coalition of organisations dedicated to cutting the global production and consumption of animal products to 50% by 2040.


Fixing the global food system is key to addressing some of the biggest issues of our time. Whether that is climate change, food security, nutrition deficiency, food sovereignty, public health, social inequality, animal exploitation, or biodiversity loss.


After a tough yet exciting year, 50by40 wanted to show off their achievements in an innovative and engaging way. Their main goal was to grab the attention of potential partners, as well as potential funders. 

50by40 magic potion bottle

The magic formula

That’s why we decided to tell this hell of a story through a scrolly-telling website. What can be more impressive, engaging and trackable?


An impressive, fun and interactive way to tell the adventures of 50by40 in 2020.

50by40 annual review

Appearance and interactivity are a big part of the story, but the magic happens behind the scenes. The whole user journey was tracked through Google Analytics in order to direct each type of user to the right path and ultimately to conversion. 


During the campaign we tracked performance based on the client’s primary KPIs:

  • Number of clicks on the “become a partner” button
  • Number of downloads of the extended (PDF) version of the report

We made on-the-spot adjustments to the design and user experience of the website in order to optimise these KPIs. 

50by40 annual review website

More on AnnualReview.50by40.org

50by40 annual review
50by40 annual review
50by40 annual review

Social media

Secondary KPIs were brand awareness and an increase in social media engagements. These were addressed by creating compelling visual content to promote the exciting new digital asset of the organisation.

50by40 linkedin
50by40 twitter

The happy ending

Just by using the power of their network and organic promotion, 50by40 managed to reach hundreds of potential partners and funders around the world in less than 1 month. And the network grew… and next year more achievements will make the report.

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